Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nancy Ajram - Ebn el Geran whit english lyrics

Nancy Ajram Lebanese Arabic singer, one of the best!

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Ebn el jiran (Ebn El Geran) نانسى عجرم - إبن الجيران

EBn el giran , Elli hena 2osady , Mosh 3arfa bas a3melo ana eih?
3amal iesafar keda u inady , u f2aie 7eta ya nas bala2ih


Ekmeno 7ebo fel 2alb nar , wa2af 2usady tul el nahar (x2)
Kan bas malu , uu mali , yeshghelny leih ?
to worry

3alatool ya baba , ya baba , basess 3alaia 3alaia ,
yama bel meraia 5aielny , zaghlel 3enaia 3enaia .

Wamafesh ya 3eny ya 3eny , 7aga bi2dia i2dia ,
Gher eni a7ebo , U ashar le7ebo , u a3mlo eih , eiiih ?

3ashan ba7abo u adari , lely u nahari nahari ,
U el sho2 fi 2alby ya 3eny , bi2ed fi nari nari ,
mana 3arfa eno shariny , wana 2alby shari shari

Yana men sha2awto , yana men 7alawto , yana Men 3eneh!
ya nas 2ululo , batal hizar , leih fel baranda 3amer 7isar ? (x2)


The Guy Next Door (neighbours-boy)

The guy next door, here next to me, I don't know what can I do with him.
He keeps whistling and calling for me, and I find him everywhere!

Even though I love him, he stands by me all day long!
Why did he do this? What's wrong with me ...why do I have

Always, dad, dad, he stares at me all the time.
He makes me shy, he stares right through my eyes!

And there is nothing, my darling, that I can control anything,
other than love him, and stay up from his love, what else can I do, what?

Because I love him I forget, my night and my days, days.
And the longing in my heart my darling, it increases in my fire fire (love)!
I know that I belong to him, and my heart belongs to him!

Oh, my from his mischievous, oh, my from his looks, oh, my from his eyes.
People tell him, stop with the jokes, why in the balcony are make a fence?


  1. Thank you for the subtitle. Since I don't know Arabic, I thought the song was about the town beauty, whom everybody love to have around. She lights up the street by simply walking. In that way it is kind of self-obesession,yeah, but it is Nancy,so we are not complaining! ;)

  2. Sorry not to answer earlier, and Glad to help you understand the song.

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  4. she is in love with who? neighbours-boy? or the neighbour?

  5. Hello le3man, well she is in love with the neighbor boy .