Monday, September 20, 2010

Arabic Orientale Cooking Kubba (Kibbeh)

Ingredients for Kubba (kibbeh or kibbe, or also kubbeh):

- 1 kilo of fine bulgur red
- 1 onion chopped fine
- 500 grams of meat chopped fine or rough
- 1
tsp Cumin
- 1 s.s Cinnamon
- 1 s.s Nutmeg

- 1 s.s Cardamom
- Salt and black pepper

- For the stuffing :
- 500 grams veal
- 3 onions chopped fine
- Pine by the desire
- The same spices for kubba

Soak bulgur with cold water only 20 minutes and filtered it and pressed by hand, put all spices with bulgur, put onions and veal in the mixer and then set it with the bulgur and knead well by hand.
For the stuffing in a hot pan put olive oil and then fry onion without burning it, and put the
chopped weft, when the weft is well fried put spices and leave it extended 2 minutes.
Now in a deep
pan for oven put the half of kubba Ingredients and then all the stuffing and after that the other half of kubba and then grease a facial with olive oil .
heat up the oven for half an hour on 200 degrees Celsius, put the kubba and after 15 minutes reduce to 180 and live it tell you see it lost it water from the front.

That's all you can eat it with salad or yoghurt!

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